Facility Management

The management of the facilities once realized is an aspect often underestimated during the development and design phase. It plays a fundamental role in the evaluation of medium / long-term costs. For ACOS it is critical to introduce the discussion about facility management already in the initial planning stages.


Lifecycle BIM is the practice of creating, maintaining and using building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings during their operational life cycle. This is the path ACOS has undetaken for an effective property management

When designers, builders and other tecnicians finish the project and abandon it permanently, at that time ACOS starts working for the future of the building. In the post-construction phase it is necessary to maintain, equip and manage the new asset. Based on the data collected in the two previous phases and relying on specialized first level partners, all of this will be carried out by ACOS in an extremely efficient manner. ACOS can also provide exit strategies for property owners on secondary markets.

  • Facility Management

    Through the BIM Lifecycle, ACOS’ management of assets turns out to be an integrated and optimized management of properties and support services.

  • Marketing and Sales

    ACOS's real estate marketing and sales plan is based on the strong technical knowledge of the construction and development process.

  • Real Estate Management

    For ACOS the management of real estate assets must take into account various important factors such as taxation, the structure of fixed costs, the configuration of real estate markets, etc. These elements must be monitored with particular attention in order to understand the profitability of a real estate property.


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