About Us

Multidisciplinarity and Specialization

To manage the complexity of the new real estate market, it requires professionalism and a team able to interact with a huge variety of actors with different backgrounds, but at the same time of the highest level of technical specialization.

Our Values


We are open, candid and truthful.


Our word is our bond. We do what we say. We live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.


We work hard to earn our business partners' trust and respect on every project we undertake.

Dynamic Culture

We constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve to teach and to add value.

Our work environment

Designed to maximize the potential of each one of our employees

Board of Directors & Management

The Board of Directors (BoD) controls the management and operations of the company. It ensures that the principles of good corporate governance are guaranteed.

The Chairman and the Managing Director handle the current management of the company in accordance with the instructions and regulations established by the Board of Directors.

ACOS SA has decided to structure the Board and the Board of Directors trying to achieve a good balance between different professional experiences.

Organization Chart

ACOS SA is governed by the Board of Directors, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Board of Directors.

The activities of ACOS SA are based on local business units with a good knowledge of the respective markets, customers and suppliers for the 3 business areas:

  • Projects Development
  • Project Management
  • Facility Management


Strada Ponte di Valle 34c
6964 Davesco


+41 79 620 19 26
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