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Project Development

ACOS is able to catalyze real estate development projects in which partners, stakeholders and owners can be involved in different phases of the projects. This includes: project-funding, land acquisition, planning, documentation, construction delivery and marketing / sales of properties.


Each project must be approached in an organic way and in close contact with all its stakeholders, both financial and executive

A particular feature of ACOS is its ability to intervene in the complex phase that precedes the execution of construction projects (the pre-construction phase). Often the most difficult task is to get a project off the ground. To help, ACOS also offers support for project- financing. Moreover, in the pre-construction phase, ACOS always assists in design management, providing elements of design of construction, risk and cost management. The economic and financial parameters of the project are also examined in detail. The preparation and project design phase are key to the success of the project.

  • Project Financing

    ACOS is able to elaborate and catalyze financing plans for building projects, involving various different financial actors and partners.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Through ACOS’ feasibility studies of new construction projects or renovations, the client can get a clear vision of the potential development of the property, both from a design and economic point of view.

  • Design Management

    Design is the process of a project creation and the preparation of instructions that allow its construction. In order for project budgets to be met, the programs implemented and the projects need to be properly coordinated and communicated, the design process must be planned and controlled.

  • Due Diligence

    Due diligence indicates the set of contracts with the various counterparties in the construction process which requires the contractor to complete the work carefully and according to established times and costs.


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