Project Management

Thanks to its internal expertise, ACOS is able to manage complex projects in all phases of their execution. Thanks to the experience of its team and its IT tools, ACOS aims to manage and minimize risks, in particular those related to the time constrains and the costs of a project.


In addition to monitoring times, budgets and project quality, an excellent project manager unites customers and teams, keeps all the project executives aligned with expectations and ultimately creates the vision necessary for the project's success

The management of the construction in the execution phase is the core business of ACOS, which can perform a multitude of types of objects, both for private and institutional clients, as well as for public actors. ACOS operates with different types of contract models, depending on the needs of the customer. Thanks to the experience of its team and IT management tools, ACOS has the objective of managing and minimizing operating risks, in particular those related to times and costs. ACOS’ construction experts use the latest technologies and softwares. Nothing is out of reach for them and they are always ready for a new challenge.

  • Project Management

    ACOS guarantees the management of the construction project. In doing so, it uses specific project management techniques that oversee planning, design and, of course, building a project from start to finish.

  • BIM

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a highly collaborative process that allows multiple stakeholders and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) professionals to collaborate in planning, designing and building a building within a 3D model. ACOS uses this technology extensively.

  • Cost analysis

    For ACOS, cost analysis is a critical process of construction projects. It is the complete distribution of all costs to be incurred in the execution for any activity and for each requirement and specification of the project. Customer advice on this aspect is a crucial part of ACOS's services.


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